“Johann Sebastian Bach. The guy was a prodigy. Over his lifetime he composed over a thousand songs. That we know of. Did you know that he signed his music with two sets of initials- his own and then three more letters, S.D.G.? It’s short for the Latin phrase “Soli Deo Gloria,” or “glory to God alone.” Most of Bach’s music didn’t have any lyrics. It was just excellent music. But when you sit back and hear it – it does something to you. It’s like you were sleeping through your entire life and you had no idea, but all the sudden you wake up, and you’re alive. And that deep part of you – the God-craving part- comes to birth, and you start to sense that there’s more. And whatever it is, or he is, you want in. That’s what glory does.” Garden City – John Mark Comer



 -Awakening the “God-craving” part of humanity

 -Creating art with a purpose and songs with an eternal shelf life

 -Infusing truth and identity into Gods children

 -Reaching all people, not just the body of Christ

 -Releasing songs that are an express lane into the heart of the Father

 -Being innovative in our sound and unafraid to take risks

 -Seeking God first

 -Making music that help souls process the human experience

 -Producing pure worship from refined hearts

 -Hosting an atmosphere where God can move how he so choose

 -The Glory of God alone