Part-time worship leader, part-time pediatric nurse and full-time father; Michael Ketterer is truly emblematic of the fathers heart and the message of adoption.  The Ketterers consists of Michael, his wife Ivey and their 6 children, 5 of whom are adopted from foster care.  In 2014 the Ketterers followed their call to California from Knoxville Tennessee where Michael has dedicated the past 10 years to being a artist and community builder with United Pursuit. As an artist Ketterer has released 5 records through United Pursuit records and has put his unique artistic spin on passionate God-chasing music.   In January of 2017 him and his wife Ivey began attending Influence Church in Anaheim, California and have been foundational to the creation of Influence Music. “It’s encouraging to have fun writing with friends and being part of something that is more then just a band. It is a family of artists and musicians dedicated to embodying the true love of the father and cultivating the Holy Spirit through worship.”