Matt Gilman has been leading worship since he was fourteen years old, having grown up in ministry with his father, a Lutheran pastor. In 2002, when Matt was a senior in high school, he arrived at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City thinking he was just attending a conference about music, his favorite subject. “As soon as I walked into the building, I knew this was different. It was not at all what I was expecting. God began to shake me to the core as He opened up a whole new understanding of worship with the Word of God. I knew right away this is what I was made for.”  After serving for ten years as a worship leader in the prayer room at the International House of Prayer, Matt took up a position with Orlando House of Prayer. As An artist, Matt has over 27k monthly listeners on Spotify and averages 300K plays per track.   In January 2017, Gilman visited Influence Church in Anaheim California to guest speak and Worship Lead. What he found was a creative community dedicated to releasing the glory of God through new sounds and songs.  Matt currently travels to Anaheim once a month to lead worship and co-write with the team, “Influence Church is a body of believers that truly acts as the hands and feet of Jesus. It has been a place of deep healing, refreshing, restoration and musical inspiration for me. I’m so honored to get to run with such an amazing and authentic group of people that I get to call my family. “